Soothe Drink Mix

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Soothe Collection

Soothe Drink Mix


You work hard and play hard. Recover fast and be ready for your next adventure. Soothe Herbal Supplement combines ingredients to ease the aches from your latest workout or challenges from everyday life. Formulated with beta-caryophyllene, turmeric and bromelain.

$10.00$50.00 – or subscribe and get 15% off


How to use

  • 1 MIX. Single serving sachets with 4-6 oz of water
  • 2 SIP. Tastes savory
  • 3 SETTLE. Feel the effects within 15 minutes
  • 4 WHEN. Daily to ease aches and soreness


  • BROAD SPECTRUM HEMP 10 mg / serving
  • CHERRIES: Anti‐inflammatory
  • CINNAMON: Anti‐inflammatory
    Metabolic Disorders
  • TURMERIC: Anti‐inflammatory


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