Sophisticated, Full-Spectrum Hemp Products

As the world rediscovers the restorative power of plants, we are pushing new boundaries, using the latest technologies to extract and blend plant nutrients into highly-targeted formulations that let you take your adventures further.

Our Calm, Soothe and Wellness product lines are designed to bring your system back into balance, making it easy for you to do you.

5 Principles of Product Development

We believe in designing a higher level of hemp supplements and salves that maximize the benefits to your health. Our research and development team includes food scientists, herbalists, engineers and industry pioneers working together to bring you a unique line of products that taste better perform better.

Now that hemp is legal on a federal level across the US, we are looking for a growing supply of organic sources. When not organically-certified, we look for hemp labeled with ‘No pesticides.

We do not use genetically-modified plant ingredients.

All of our products are gluten-free.

Scientifically-proven Ingredients.

Research connecting hemp and health is in its infancy but holds great promise. It is being studies for its neuro-protective, anti-epileptic, anti-anxiety, an anti-inflammatory properties. To enhance its effectiveness, we pair full-spectrum hemp oil with proven botanical ingredients.

Hemp is a ‘bio-accumulator’ meaning it pulls toxins out of the soil. When the plants are harvested and hemp oil is extracted and concentrated, contaminants can be passed along.

We commit to ensuring that our products are safe by sharing test results for every batch. Tests we run include:

  • Organic or pesticide free
  • Potency of active ingredients
  • Heavy Metals
  • Residual solvents
  • Microbials

R&D efforts are focused on making our products perform better and taste better.

  • Technology
    Our patent-pending technology allows us to create a stable mix of oil and water.

  • Bio-availability
    Water-based formulas allow the body to absorb more of the active ingredients.

  • The Entourage Effect
    We use full-spectrum hemp oil – which is proven more powerful than an isolate – and blend it with time-tested ingredients.

  • Convenience
    Our products are designed in single dose formats that are portable and packable for when you are on the go.

  • Novel experiences
    Fizz, bubble and pop. Sweet, savory and earthy. We’ve add effervescence, spray and flavors that bring your senses to life.

We commit to labeling and marketing practices that are fully-compliant with the FDA and Dietary Supplement Health Education Act (DSHEA).

With the explosion of hemp-based products, distribution, claims, articles and websites, we are working to help consumers make sense of it all.

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